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Beyond an ordinary life

Phoenix Resort La Cala

You breathe a sigh of relief as your plane touches down in Malaga after a long stressful week. As you step out of the airport, the warmth of the air and the rays of the sun invigorate your senses, making you feel alive once again. Cruising along the coast towards La Cala, you are reminded why you chose to live in this paradise. The Mediterranean ocean guides you home like an old friend, sparkling with joy at every glance.
Heading inwards and upwards towards the hills, you spot the silhouettes of your family out on the terrace. The sound of the traffic and town bustle drift away, on the approach to the clean, green and serene surroundings of Phoenix.
The gates swing open to greet you. You park with ease underground, and glide directly upwards in the privacy of your own exclusive lift. The doors slide; revealing the bright, open, welcome of home. As you walk outside to the terrace, you see the sun hovering in the sky, radiating a golden hue and lighting up the coastal scene before you. It’s that perfect time of day.
All the family are home, and laughter fills the air. The table has been laid to make the most of sunset dining. The smell of jasmine wafts gently on the breeze from the zen gardens below. You take an ice cold beer from the fridge and sink slowly into heaven while the children happily splash in the pool.

It’s so good to be home.

Phoenix Resort La Cala Marbella
Phoenix Resort La Cala Marbella

New Horizons

Phoenix Resort La Cala

Whether for business or pleasure a home on the Costa del Sol has become an investment synonymous with success, luxury and status. Phoenix Resort La Cala offers not only the highest quality living experience, but an exclusive and refined luxury lifestyle, usually reserved for the world’s leading hotels.

It doesn’t seem possible, but it is.

The sensation of perpetual bliss

Only a fortunate few will revel in this private paradise, enveloped by nature, with only the sound of birdsong to interrupt your peace.
Perched serenely amongst the hills, Phoenix Resort La Cala makes you the master of all you survey. Combining sublime scenery with an infinite ocean panorama. Unwind and indulge in the sanctuary of this truly enviable location. Days will be marked by your own exclusive sunsets. Life will never be the same.

La Cala is a genuine haven of perpetual bliss. Blending a cosmopolitan atmosphere with a village vibe, La Cala caters to the lifestyles of modern individuals and their families. As one of the most desirable enclaves on the Costa del Sol, La Cala boasts broad, golden, blue flag beaches and some of the finest gastronomy options on the coast.

Phoenix Resort La Cala sits front line to La Cala Golf Club. It’s no secret that La Cala is one of the finest golf resorts in Andalucía. Three superb championship courses, each presenting their own unique challenges, slot seamlessly into a picturesque backdrop of mountains and ocean.

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